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کارخانه شهدایران

History of Shahdiran company

شرکت شهد ایران با هدف تولید آبمیوه در سال 1361 شمسی درشهر مشهد واقع در شمال شرق ایران و مرکز استان خراسان رضوی در زمینی به مساحت  46000 متر مربع در کیلومتر 5 جاده مشهد قوچان تاسیس گردید.

Shahd Iran Company is the first food industry complex in Khorasan province, which by processing all kinds of fresh and high-quality fruit and turning it into fruit juice, fruit concentrate and fruit puree, has made great strides in the prosperity of these industries and the economic development of Iran, and has taken a worthy place in terms of improving quality. The production and processing of agricultural products has been achieved. The products of Shahd Iran Company are provided with the highest quality according to international standards and are supplied to domestic and foreign markets.

The legal personality of the company was a private stock from the beginning and was changed to a public stock in 1371 and became a member of the Tehran Stock Exchange.

 Shahd Iran company marketed its products under the brand names of Gladys, Hani, and Benis. This company has offered its products with significant variety throughout the years of its activity. Currently, Shahd Iran Company is one of the largest producers and exporters of fruit products in Iran. The products of Shahd Iran company include all kinds of fruit concentrates, all stages of production are carried out in Shahd Iran company with the use of learned and experienced experts, advanced technology and comprehensive quality control system of TQM.

Production unit

The production unit of ShahdIran Company was established in 1982 at km 5 of Mashhad-Quchan road. The area of this unit is about 46,000 square meters, of which 17,500 square meters is the infrastructure of the industrial sector. The head office and concentrate production department of Shahd Iran Company operate in it. 

کنسانتره آب میوه

Extracting Of The Nature’s Excellence

The building blocks of ShahdIran company

ShahdIran Company considers all-round and sustainable development necessary for its growth and survival. Therefore, in order to achieve this important goal and in order to satisfy all stakeholders and other stakeholders, including personnel, suppliers, customers, external organizations and shareholders, the organization's vision, mission and core values ​​have been formulated and by targeting all operations and Organizational actions consider it their duty to achieve the requirements contained in these documents.


Achieving a distinguished position in continuous growth and development of sustainable production and increasing the share of domestic and export markets


ShahdIran Company, as one of the activists in the field of producing diverse and high-quality fruit concentrate products, considers serving all stakeholders and gaining their satisfaction as its main mission. This company relies on its experienced and capable personnel as a source full of effort, dynamism and taking advantage of their scientific and technical capabilities, relying on its brilliant record of performance records and inspired by divine teachings and adopting health and environmental measures and requirements. And he has made social responsibility, increasing promotion and excellence the face of his efforts and considers the creation of sustainable value for the expectations of the audience and beneficiaries as the essence of all his activities.

Company goals and strategies

Production of healthy and superior quality products in accordance with standards, continuous improvement and innovation in production and presence in global markets with respect for human values ​​and respect for customers, striving to make profits and create wealth for shareholders by increasing the return on equity through improving the use of assets along with productivity. They are suitable for the great goals of this company. Our group is determined to use modern management and organizational excellence systems, rely on efficient human resources, update technology and create a clean and safe environment, improve the quality and quantity of production products and manage costs, while developing our business and improving our services. To the contacts, stakeholders and shareholders and getting their satisfaction, improvement processContinuously realize production processes so that it can be one of the best collections in its field of work in the country.


  • Increasing the share of domestic and export markets by supplying quality products
  • Development of the company's capabilities and expansion of products
  • Modifying the cost structure and reducing unnecessary costs
  •  Promotion and stabilization of the Gladis brand as the most suitable juice and concentrate brand in terms of quality and price
  • Efforts to attract overseas markets in order to increase the export of the company's products
  •  Optimum use of potential and production factors in the company in order to improve production lines for greater productivity
  • Using new technologies and modern management systems
  • Direct communication with suppliers of raw materials
  • Development of social responsibilities

Strategy of Shahdiran Company

  • Sustainable production with a focus on compliance with existing standards and environmental protection.
  • Market penetration with marketing development and sales promotion.
  • Reducing the cost of products.
  • Maintaining specialized and experienced personnel.
  • Increasing profitability growth for shareholders
  • Trying to get a suitable market share for products and introducing new products to the market, such as entering into contracts with other manufacturing companies and, if possible, as partnerships.


  • Maintaining human dignity by observing a set of behaviors and moral points such as respect for people's personality, honesty, trustworthiness, fairness and justice and honoring the value of human work and fair and friendly treatment with stakeholders and trying to gain their satisfaction.
  • Social responsibility by reducing environmental pollution and supporting the preservation of the environment.
  • Interaction with stakeholders based on mutual respect and accurate, honest and transparent exchange of information.
  • Constructive role in the physical health of society by producing healthy drinks.
  • Improving productivity by using the capabilities of human capital adhering to professional values ​​and ethics.