Shahdiran Inc. supplies its products to market under the brands of "Goldis", "Honey", and "Benis". This company has supplied its products with multiple varieties for years. At present, Shahdiran Inc. is one of the biggest producers and exporters of fruit products in Iran

Shahdiran's products include various fruit concentrates, fruit puree, fruit nectars, fruit juices, fruit drinks, and energy drinks, all produced in accordance with the international standards and supplied to domestic and foreign markets. All production stages in Shahdiran Inc. are made by using trained and experienced experts, advanced technology and Total Quality Management (TQM) system


Shahdiran's mission is to produce a variety of first-rate and cost-effective products for customer satisfaction. In addition to employment, it helps self-sufficiency and economic development of our dear country

Our View Vision

Our view Vision is to meet the customers' different needs with a different quality

Shahdiran Inc. prepares its products in two very equipped plants

Shahdiran's Production Plant I

Shahdiran's production plant I was established in km 5 of Mashhad-Ghouchan road in 1982. Area of this plant is about 46000 sq.m, of which 17500 sq.m is the built area of the industrial part in which head office and concentrate production dept of Shahdiran Inc. act

Production Plant II

With the aim of engaging in agricultural tasks and development of industrial activities, Shahdiran's production plant II was established in km 35 of Mashhad-Ghouchan road in 1991. Area of this plant is 142 hectars, of which 127 hectars is the area of the agricultural part, and 15 hectars the area of the industrial part

Agricultural Part

80 hectars of the agricultural part of Shahdiran's production plant II is in the form of a mechanized sour cherry orchard. These sour cherries are of the best types known ever in the world, and are irrigated by means of drip irrigation system.

42 hectars of the agricultural part is allocated for planting other fruit trees. Other lands of this part are considered for growing and reproducing seedlings and shrubs.

Food Products Processing Dept

In order to meet market needs, Shahdiran Inc. produces part of its products in the industrial part of its production plant II. These products include various fruit puree, fruit juices, fruit drinks, energy drinks, and drinks with fruit slices. Observing all engineering principles of food technology, this plant was built, and it is unique in Khorasan province for using underlying techniques.

In 2005, aimed at innovation in the country fruit juice industry, Shahdiran Inc. put into operation, for the first time in Iran, production line of its new products with installing

two-piece aluminum can filling machines for producing fruit juices with fruit slices